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Online Marketing

I specialize in online market research to build the correct On-Site optimization, and Off-site SEO strategy for your company…Conact me Today

Pay Per Click

Pay per click account management, make the correct investment in marketing with your hard earn revenue. We specialize on making the most valuable campaign, focusing on conversion rate and price per click, to deliver the most amounts of leads for the less, cause sometimes less is more!


When Hiring a SEO Company, Don’t Fire Before You Aim!

I worked with a client that thought that he knew a lot about what they needed (such as higher rankings, more website traffic, etc.), but the truth is, they are guessing about some of the most important parts of the equation. It’s almost always a case of firing before they aim.

Sometimes include the people that offer the services are guessing too, and is a matter of time before the client notices that, and what is going down the drain is his money, time and the burning of Keywords.

Search engine sites do not like or appreciate these types of actions from sites, they are consider “Black Hats”, and it could affect directly your climbing to the tops of the rankings.

So please Aim Before you Shoot.

Search Engine Optimization


Social Site Manager

The First Ever…. Social Media Syndication System That Can Instantly Give You A Huge Advantage In Your Marketplace.We’ve developed a proprietary Social Media Marketing Blueprint that teaches you step-by-step how to develop, track and monetize your social media activities to successfully grow your business.

It’s a complete system that not only turns you into a social media professional almost overnight, but it also gives you a cutting edge marketing system that syndicates your products and services right to your target market.We call this ultimate system.. “Social Site Kahuna”
Senior Associate Partner

Ewebcraft is a SEO Company located in Miami Florida and serving not only the United States, but also the UK, Australia, and Canada. Ewebcraft provides expert professionals who proficiently help you reach high search engine rankings and quality traffic/leads to your website. Within a short time, Ewebcraft has showed rapid growth and an excellence at forming confident and friendly relationships with our customers for long periods of time. Ewebcraft has 18 experts on staff to provide a knowledge of not only search engine optimization processes, but also programming and website designing.

We have so many happy clients who are located not only in the USA but also in different countries around the globe including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and many more.
Executive Vice President

Ewebcraft is the premier Internet company, offering Search engine optimization, Website designing and development services. As a committed search engine optimization service provider, we always try hard to deliver superb quality and quick solutions at affordable costs to our clients.

Customer Services/ Sales Nationally

Increase sales from 17 to 26 Thousand.
As a team leader or coach, I increase sales average per representative from 23 a 28 thousand dollars.
Propose and help with new strategies, in sales transitioning, quick questions and proving questions, that increase our customer services rating, and sales in a 4%; UU.
Director of Logistic and Process Inventory

Had control and inventory of over 15 million dollars in arms, gear, uniform and military supplies.
Was responsible of a platoon of 64 men and woman, on a Military Float over 6 different countries in Asia.
Held courses on military and government civil contracting, with private companies.
Logistics Officer

Increase and trained a team of office manager that help increase that efficiency at the office work and time management.
Created a material cost sheet, so that the company can keep better records of his basic needs in production and with this, they can also keep better records of the cost of the product to sell and the margin of benefit.
Implement scheduling, studied that work group, and created efficiency with new Information technology system.


2003-2004 Trident University EE.UU. Computer Science Tech
A + Certification, Computer Science

2003 – 2004
Technical degree in Logistic and Information as a Non-Commission officer in the US Marine Corps.
3 Month Course in Anti-Terrorists studies in 5 different countries.

Pontificia Universidad
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Law

1997 – 2000
Interest Runnig, Video Game Design and Movies

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
Law, Derecho

1997 – 2000

Cutomer Service5 out of 5
5 years experience
SEO4 out of 5
4 years experience
Marketing5 out of 5
5 years experience
Project Management4 out of 5
4 years experience
Advertising5 out of 5
5 years experience
Social Media Marketing4 out of 5
4 years experience

Employment History

Customer Service Agent / Team Lead


International Business Manager / Manager


United States Marines
Logistics and Information Officer / Team Lead


Director Sales / Executive


Social Site Kahuna
Social Site Manager / Manager


Owner / Executive


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